Hi! I’m Irene.

I am 26, currently living in Manila, Philippines.

I am an ISFJ. I love sunflowers, sand on my feet, blue skies and sunsets. I love the smell of new books and would rather spend a day with a friendย than with a group. I love, love to eat and somehow, I am slowly appreciating the art of preparing my own meals.

I easily cry on movies, TV series, commercials, any story that involves family, friends, or helping other people. I believe that the world will be a much better place to live in if everyone learns to be kind to one another, to give rather thanย to be selfish, to help rather than to be insensitive.

Lately, this blog has become my travel journal. Hopefully I get to post more about my self-realizations. It is really nice to look back and see how much you’ve grown.

Let me know what you think. Comment below!


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