La Union 2016

Happy New Year, folks! How was your Christmas? Been eating a lot since the holidays. I know that I need to get back in shape in time for our next adventures by 2017. I still have few more travels to blog about but I think I’ll be posting them up by next year. But if you are still planning on what to do this long weekend, I suggest you go to San Juan, La Union!

[September 23-25, 2016] Just a few hours drive from Metro Manila, La Union is perfect for a quick adventure up North. I always thought it is only for those who want to surf, but I was proven that it offers much more! Last September, I finally got to meet Raphael’s college blockmates. We were of two groups– one group went ahead early Friday morning, while the second group (with Raphael driving) went after work and left SM North around 7:30PM.  We arrived and checked-in at San Juan Surf Resort around 11:30PM. We went out for dinner at Tagpuan and drinks at Surf Shack.

We went to sleep a little past 1 AM and promised that we will get early the next morning because of our scheduled trek.

We woke up around 6:30AM and went out for breakfast at a nearby beachfront store. I ordered their homemade tapsilog which is very good!

After breakfast, we drove our way to the start off point of the trek to Tangadan Falls. I think we already started around 9-9:30AM and ended past 2:00PM. I thought it will be a simple 1-hour trek but boy I was wrong! We even had to cross a river while holding a rope. Admittedly, Raphael and I were not physically ready. LOL. Nevertheless, we enjoyed the company of the group. For our trekking contact, call or text Kuya Leo at 0907-184-5237.

We had our super late lunch (or you can call it early dinner. LOL) at around 5PM after we showered at the hotel. We had our siesta just to regain our strength and went out for dinner at Olas Banditos, and drinks at San Juan Surf Resort. I’m a taco person, but the rest of the group loves Olas Banditos’ burritos.

The next morning, we learned to surf. It was my first time and I’m scared to death. I was assigned with a surf instructor named Darwin who was with me the full 1-hour. I kept on falling and the longest I was able to stand over my board was (I think) 3 seconds. HAHA. It was such a fun experience!

Raphael and I went ahead to take a shower. Since most of them already went to El Union Friday morning, we decided to have our snack there before we went home. I’ve been following El Union for a long time now and it’s a must for me to go there.

We went back to Olas Banditos for lunch before we bade goodbye to everyone. It was such a nice feeling to finally meet Raphael’s friends and hear their stories (and kalokohan. LOL!). Let’s see what the group will be planning for next year!

Have you been to La Union? Tell me your stories!

That’s it for now.


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