Pahiyas Festival 2016

[May 15, 2016]The Pahiyas Festival, also known as Feast of San Isidro, is an annual festival held by the people of Lucban every 15th of May to honor the patron saint of the farmers, San Isidro Labrador, and to serve as their thanksgiving for the bountiful harvest.

I went to Pahiyas with my former boss and booked our tour group from Pahiyas Day Tours, a DOT-accredited tour group.  The package we bought was at Php 1,499 per person (they usually go on sale if you book months before the event). It includes a round-trip bus Manila (Makati)- Lucban, Laguna,  breakfast upon arrival at Kamay ni Hesus (I love the longganisa!) and buffet lunch at one of the restaurants in the main town. They provided us a map, hat and bottled water for the trip. Take note that this is no “walking tour” as they just left us to roam around on our own and instructed us to be back at our meet-up place by 5:00PM.

Here are few photos from our trip. See how dedicated these locals are in making this one-day event truly remarkable.

Since it’s summer, expect the weather to be hot and humid. The place and parade can get crowded so wear comfortable clothes and shoes. It is better to use a cap to protect yourself from the sun since umbrellas can be too bulky (or you can accidentally hit someone). Do not forget to bring water!

The costumes during the parade were unbelievable! A++ for effort!

Unfortunately, on our way home, our bus broke down and we have to transfer to another bus. Since the spare bus was stuck in traffic and we were in the middle of nowhere, we had no choice but to sit on the aisle of the other buses. It was a painful 6-hour ride. I know it was not the fault of the tour group but they didn’t handle the incident well.  I hope they already improved their process so people won’t experience what we experienced that day.

Have you been with this tour? Share your experiences below!

That’s it for now.


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