South Cebu 2016

[February 3-6, 2016]Halloooo! I know I’ve been out for so long… 10 months to be exact. Let’s just say a LOT had happened since my last post– from new love (naks! <3) to new work (yun oh! haha) to a whole new set of adventures. Before we even end this year, let me recover all those wonderful photos from my 2016 trips and post them here…

Let’s start with my first out-of-town for the year: SOUTH CEBU! My boyfriend and I booked this round-trip Cebu Pacific airfare Manila-Cebu-Manila at a travel fair sometime September 2015 for only Php 1,045 per person, and we urged our HS friends to come with us.

To summarize, here are the photos from the trip.

DAY 1-

  • AM-PM: Pescador Island, Turtles Area, Sardines Area at Moalboal  best to start early so the sun won’t burn you that much. Sad to say, we had to wait for another group that we started late at 10:30AM (we were supposed to start at 8:00AM).
  • PM: Hiking at Osmena Peak, Dalaguete – It is best that you are already at the bottom of the mountain at 4PM. Hike should take 30-40 minutes as per the locals. At 5:00PM, I bet the view is still stunning and you get to see the sunset. We arrived late a little past 5:00PM and trekked for almost an hour (yup, we’re slow because we got no exercise and no sleep). We were at the peak around 6:00PM and we already can’t see a thing. *cries*

DAY 2- 

  • AM: Whale Shark watching at Oslob– those whale sharks are still amazing! Still afraid to go near them but we got pretty good videos. Maybe I’ll post them some other time.
  • AM: Beach bumming at Sumilon Island – everything is so picturesque here!
  • PM: Waterfalls hopping – Tumalog Falls, Binalayan Falls, Montaneza Falls/Mainit Springs – a refreshing take from Day 1’s strenous activities.

DAY 3-

  • AM-PM: Canyoonering at Kawasan– probably the highlight of the trip! One of the most challenging activities I’ve done. It includes jumping from 20ft falls (you have no choice but to do it!), non-stop swimming, and hiking up and down to steep rocks and slopes – all for 6 hours! Whew!

I know these photos won’t do justice on how beautiful Cebu is. If you are up for an adventure other than beach-hopping, South Cebu is the perfect trip for you!

Our main contact was Kuya Raymund Sande (+63943 320 0118). Our 3D/2N tour package was Php 5,400 per person including all the activities, transportation within South Cebu (we went to Badian via bus from South Cebu Bus Terminal),  and accommodation at a home stay.  I love that he paired us up with a very lovable couple we called “Nanay” and “Tatay” who even cooked for us Filipino “lutong-bahay” meals at very affordable rates. The only downside was that he was not able to manage the time of his clients properly. We arrived early on the first day but our tour started late that we were not able to see the top of Osmena Peak. We could not even see a thing when we hiked down the trek. :( On our last day, we almost missed our flight because we don’t know how we’re going back and we cannot contact him because he lost his signal when he went with another group. I’m pretty sure he is supposed to bring us back to Cebu City. Good thing, all my friends were okay to do back-packing and rode different public transportation just to get back to the airport on time. Hope he already improved since then.

This was already my 3rd time in Cebu but I can say that even with some misfortunes, this was the best!

Want to know more about our itinerary? Just comment below!

That’s it for now. <3 always, Irene


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