Thailand 2015 (4/4) : Phuket

[Nov 5- 10, 2015] This is the continuation of my recent post – Thailand 2015 (3/4) : Chiang Rai.  Hello guys, sorry if I haven’t updated this sooner, but here you go! :)

Day 4 – 5 : Phuket

The last installment of my Thailand trip was in this beautiful island of Phuket. We had no definite plans, but we just wanted to see the how the beach is compared to the ones we have in Philippines.

We stayed at Patong Beach, the “most tourist-y” beach of all Phuket as per the locals. And yes, the beach is commercialized and sort of pricey compared to Bangkok and Chiang Mai/ Rai. Nevertheless, we found a good hotel deal via Agoda at Boomerang Inn for Php 1,200 (roughly US$ 25)/ night. The location of the hotel is very strategic, a few blocks away from the beach, and near from restaurants, souvenir shops, clinic and Thai massage spas.

We had our lunch by the beach. The usual Fried Rice and Pad Thai costing 80 – 100 Baht/ meal. What I love best, finding legit Thai Iced Tea! <3

Afterwards, Ate Tine and I stayed by the beach to relax. Ate Jen went back to the hotel to rest since she wasn’t feeling well. We rented a travel mat for 25 Baht/ day and stayed under the tree to protect us from the sun. There are locals who would ask if we want tattoo or hair braids and we kept on saying “no” as we have a tight budget. We finally gave in when this woman agreed to put in tattoos for 100 Baht/ tattoo. Plus we felt bad as she said she still haven’t had any sales that day.

After some people-watching and sharing of love and life stories, we hit the beach, crashed in with the waves, and finally had our shower back the hotel.

And of course, I had pancakes on the way:

For dinner, we went to Bangla Walking Street to check on the shops and restaurants. I guess we’re just too tired from the all the plane travels that we opted to eat at KFC.

The following day, we had our Khai Nai Island Half-Daytrip booked within the hotel for 900 Baht/ person. Again, it was only Ate Tine and I who had availed the trip since Ate Jen opted to stay and rest. We’re really lucky when it comes to booking our tour group! Our guide was very fluent in English and kept us well-informed with every island we’d stopped by. Since we’re the only ones who looked like Thai locals (most were Koreans or Caucasians), we were well remembered by the group and even joked with us.

We stopped by three islands: Khai Nai, Khai Noi and Khai Long. We stayed at Khai Nai for an hour and allowed us to go snorkeling. At Khai Noi, there’s no beach area, but you can go snorkeling. We stayed there for 20 minutes. At Khai Long, we stayed again for an hour, had snacks and went back to the hotel afterwards.

I can say that Boracay and Palawan are far better than the beaches I’ve seen in Phuket. Or maybe it’s too soon to generalize this given the limited amount of time we had. Let’s see, I’ll be back!

While waiting for our airport transfer, one last photo at the hotel:

Day 5 -6 : Bangkok

Back to Bangkok, we stopped by Paragon Mall to buy our last set of souvenirs. We went to the groceries to buy local delicacies and had our dinner at Paragon Food Hall. This was our last night at the city!

We had our last legit Thai meal at the airport. Yes, I finally had my Pad Thai!

At 2PM, 10th of November, we’re back at Manila.

I love Thailand, one of the best countries I’ve been to in Asia. I’m saying this not only because of the view, but also of the food and the people. Everything is cheap (except in Phuket)! I’m sure, I’ll be back.

Roughly I spent Php 30,000 (US$ 630) for the entire trip– including round trip airfare from/to Manila, local airfare to Chiang Mai/ Phuket/ Bangkok, food, souvenirs (lots of it!), tour groups, and hotel accommodation. I believe we could have saved more if we had planned this sooner (like booking our return flight to Manila from Phuket instead of Bangkok). Nevertheless, it was a learning experience. Will probably have more international + local flights next year!

Hope you can share your experiences in Thailand too! That’s it for now.

<3 always, Irene

PS. Some photos were from Ate Tine’s DLSR. :)


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