Oh, Manila!

Two different weekends, I spent the day at Manila to explore underrated art pieces from the past and of today. True to my previous posts, I am an avid fan of visiting museums and art bazaars. I find solace in art. I may not have been an artist in terms of my career, supporting those that are just makes me happy. :)

ESCOLTA [May 16, 2015]

Quoting from their website, “98B COLLABoratory is an artist-run initiative and space in Manila, Philippines. We are a community + network + library + kitchen + shop.” Every second or third Saturday of the month, they organize a weekend market called SaturdayXFuture Market at the First United Building, Escolta. They provide the lower unit of the building as a venue for freelance artists to sell their artworks. Every month, they would screen applicants who would want to sell their stuff to make sure they will adhere to the set theme.

Last May, their theme was “Pinoy Komiks/ Komiks”. Honestly, I only recognized a few from the local scene– Darna and Captain Barbell. Most of which I know are internationally recognized– Archie, Ninja Turtles, Avengers and X-Men. Other items being sold include vintage clothes, magazines, vinyl CDs and DIY accessories. I was so ecstatic with all the creativity around!

Check out few of our photos:

National Museum of the Philippines [May 31, 2015]

Thank you for the so-called National Museum Month last May, we get to visit this museum for free! Anna, my friend from Ilocos, met me one Sunday morning to catch up. It has been 2 years since our last meet up! We spent almost 3 hours inside the museum then went to Binondo to eat legit chinese dimsum.

Here are few of our photos:

I still have a long list of museums and galleries to visit around the Metro. If time permits, I hope I get to tick them off my bucket list. For reference, putting this list from Spot.ph:

 I guess that’s it for now. :)

<3 always, Irene


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