The Block Party, Alabang

[March 29, 2015, The Block Party, Makiling Park, Ayala Alabang Village]

One Sunday afternoon stuck at the park. No aircon, just fresh air. No roof, just trees to cover the shade.  No shoes nor dresses to buy, just paintings and handmade art. Every time I think about it, I still get kilig!

Kilig in a sense that I get to spend my pre-birthday with my HS friends. Kilig that we did not waste our time at the mall, but instead spent it at the park, playing our favorite card games while chatting and slouching on provided camping chairs, native mats and pillows. Kilig that everything is screaming art and handmade!  I’m an avid fan of these young artists gaining popularity through their own handmade work such as watercolor paintings, papercut, doodle art, lettering/ calligraphy and pun intended visuals.

I think the kilig was all over my face that my friends even bought me a lettering/ doodle notebook and few pens to get me started. We also made giant bubbles through this bubble maker + soap combo being sold at the place. I even talked to one of the artists as I was that willing to buy her papercut artwork though it was sold already (huhu!).

Here are few photos we had during that day:

I believe The Block Party is on their way organizing their next event. Find more updates HERE.

Shout out to @handslovepapers for that Papercut Artwork that I love, @habilcrafts for my Poladroid, @wallohdesigns for the “I love you, bae-con” ref magnet, @swirlsandstrokesph for the notebook and @craftmnl for the pens! <3

Again, kudos to the team! ;) That’s it for now.

<3 always, Irene


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