Sandbox Alviera Porac, Pampanga

Last March 22, my cousins and I had an impromptu trip to Sandbox Pampanga. It is seldom for us to go to North (ehem, proud South here!) because of its distance but since we have a reunion at Nueva Ecija the following Sunday, we decided to give it a shot.

Perfect as a daytrip getaway, I advise you to wear comfortable clothes because it can be very hot and humid. Long sleeves and/or dry fit top will do, and leggings/ jeggings and/or shorts for the bottom. Ditch the pants as it will be difficult to move around!

Before we arrived at the place, I was already decided to just take the Aerial Walk and Roller Coaster Zipline since these activities will be something new for me. My cousins agreed on these as well, but also wanted to take the Giant Swing (P.S. I decided to pass on this one since I remember my experience at Enchanted Kingdom’s Vikings Ride and I extremely hate the feeling).

We left Las Pinas City at 6:00 AM. With the help of Waze and some good folks we asked around, we safely arrived at Sandbox at almost 9:30 AM.

Upon checking the rates posted on the ticket booth, we agreed that it will be cheaper if we’ll just get the packages than buy individual tickets so we can do more activities. In the end, most of us bought Package B, while some had Package D.

Package B costs Php540/ person and consists of the following: Entrance Fee, Giant Swing, Aerial Walk, Rappel Wall, Wall Climbing, and Roller Coaster Zipline. You may know more about their Attractions and Rates by clicking the link.

Here are some highlights of the day:

Don’t forget to tell me about your experience! ;)

That’s it for now. <3 always, Irene


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