So long Q1, let’s go Q2!

Heyaa! With a lot of things going on around me, plus the major moving in to a new unit with a former college roommate, I found it hard to get back to blogging. Thanks to the long holiday, here I am ready to pour down my thoughts again! With the end of Q1, here are my top 3 realizations:

1. Change is inevitable, adapting is key. Until now, I don’t why it is still hard for me to accept “change”. I always cling on to what used to be, rather than accept and adapt to what is now. From work to my personal life, I always hold on to good things from the past, those situations I’m within my comfort bubble, making it hard for me to accept the (how I describe it as) gruesome changes of today. I may not be seeing the whole perspective now, but I need to remind myself that everything will be better in God’s time.

2. Quality is better than quantity. I can say that I somehow made relationships within friends and family stronger. Though I may have few friends, I know they are those who I can rely on at times of need. I may not have the usual Friday-night-out or weekend-out-of-towns but I know I have friends who I can just call, Viber or fb-away. These are the people I can stay out -late, go to random out -of-towns, drink till I cry (yes I do that when I’m drunk), tell my stupid heartbreak and life decisions, but still end up having a good laugh and say “Life is good!”

3. The choice is always up to me. I always question myself what I did wrong to go through such difficult times. To know at which point should I have done otherwise just to avoid what is “now”. But no matter how I many times I question myself, I know I will never get the answer that I want. All I can do is to act on what is in front of me and change if it doesn’t work for me. As the old saying from Albert Einstein goes, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results.” So yes, Irene, the choice is up to you. Let this be a reminder that letting go and moving on may be the only thing you really need now.

And same with my previous posts, ending this with  few photos of my random weekend-getaway and late-night dinners (P.S. Will be posting my Sandbox, Pampanga and The Block Party experience on separate posts!)

So folks, let us all wish for a better Q2. And I know, with wishing comes the doing! *crossed fingers* This I pray that He gives me the courage and willpower. Amen. That’s it for now. <3 always, Irene


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