Weekly Photo Challenge: Shadowed

One day before a new theme will be uploaded, I’m sharing to you my take on this week’s photo challenge: “Shadowed”. This was a perfect shot capturing three of the most important people of my life — My dad, my mom and my sister. It was almost sunset, and we’re having our late coffee/ early dinner at this nature and art-inspired restaurant, Oh My Gulay!, to celebrate our first day in Baguio. I super love this restaurant that I had to dedicate an entire blog post about it here.

After I finished college and got my job, I vowed to myself that I will let my family experience how great and beautiful the world is.  As much as possible I want to broaden their perspective about life, the reason why I urge us to travel every year. So far, we had been to Batangas, Bohol and Baguio, then little daytrips to Tagaytay, Antipolo and Binondo. Small baby steps, I know, but then it’s a start!

For 2015, I already had our tickets booked to Singapore and Malaysia (Thank you, Cebu Pacific for the Piso Fare! haha!). That will be our first, out-of-the-country trip as a family to celebrate my parents’ 25th anniversary. <3

What do you think of my post? Read more about others on The Daily Post here.

That’s it for now. <3 always, Irene


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