Weekly Photo Challenge: New

For 2015. For new beginnings.
For 2015. For new beginnings.

For the first photo challenge of 2015, I’m showing you this sunflower photo I took on my last birthday. Sunflowers had long been a symbolism of both new beginnings and hope for me. In our university, these flowers bloom on the day of our graduation. As a student 4 years ago, this was our one, main goal — to graduate and see these flowers welcome us on our special day.

As it came true on April 2011, I remember how excited I was to see these flowers fully bloomed. To see how proud and delighted my family were for me. To see how relieved and fulfilled my schoolmates and I were for finishing our courses. To see how we all dreamed for a better future ahead of us.

Sunflowers, then, became my favorite flower.

Happiness for 2015!
Happiness for 2015!

Every time new beginnings are about to set course in my life, I always try to look for sunflowers. Small knick-knacks, photos or anything that will remind me of the joy I felt that graduation day.

I remember how my sister supported me on this idea that she even baked me Sunflower Cupcakes when she found out I’m about to transfer work. See my post about it here.

And just last Monday, a good friend had given me this— a can with soil and sunflower seeds inside. She said that it’s time for me to actually learn on growing this beautiful thing. Haven’t watered the seeds yet, but I’m excited for it.

Don't get confused with the photo, okay?
Don’t get confused with the photo, okay?

Tell me, what’s “New” for you this 2015?

Learn more about this photo challenge at The Daily Post.

That’s it for now. <3 always, Irene


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