Life Lessons: Here’s my take on 2014!

With a little less than 24 hours to spare before 2015, we can see a lot of year-end realizations popping out over our news feed. I know most of us may say that the lists are always the same, some already superfluous, some superficial.  To me, however, it’s funny that every time I read an article, with the list of same meaning as what I’ve read the previous year; the words still never fail to strike me, to make me contemplate and re-think of what I did. So after going through my 2014 planner / journal to refresh my memory (of both the good and bad), here’s my take on things I’ve learned this year:

1. Love and respect yourself. I admit I completely failed on this one. 

Love and respect yourself enough to know what you deserve, to know when to say no, to know when to let go. From giving myself entirely to something that from the start I know won’t work to putting myself on the point of being the lowest of the low, now I believe that I am capable of the word love and compromise.  Sadly though, I was fooled by false hopes .  Love shouldn’t be chased after, it shouldn’t be a competition. If it’s for you, it will find it’s way, and the effort shouldn’t be yours alone.

2. Allow yourself to adapt to grow. This a work-in-progress.

Latter half of this year, I managed to finally move forward with my career. It was a tough, real world! It was a challenge I didn’t expect that it had me go through self-inflicted emotional torture. Yes, I know I should stop being mean to myself! Now I realized that it is a matter of adjusting with the new environment, of allowing myself to learn in small, baby steps. I’m so used to being inside my comfort bubble that finally popping it and going out was a shock to me. It’s like starting from square one. I’m really looking forward to this on to next year!

3. Loosen up and meet people. 30% and getting there!

I hate to admit this but I am a real social awkward, which is opposed to what many believe in (given my countless group photos over Facebook). I don’t blend as much to big groups, I prefer going out with 2- 3 people at most. Big groups make me quiet, to just observe and listen instead of me sharing my thoughts. I feel so rigid with people staring at me while I talk or explain things. However, now that I am forced to meet a lot of people because of work (and Telu!),  I really need to get out there. I need to be more confident and comfortable with myself and to what I say. To actually loosen up to people! I’m happy to say that over those times that I tried to be a social butterfly (or friendly!), I  did make new friends. I just hope I can be more consistent. *fingers crossed*

Okay, my list seems to be self-centered. Let’s just say that only to this year that I learned more about myself. People closest to me knew how emotionally challenging 2014 had been. From silent heartbreaks to work frustrations to complete life dissatisfaction. I am glad to finally say “goodbye 2014”!

With the help of family, friends and God, I am claiming 2015 to be a better, more fruitful and more positive year! <3

So, tell me, what did you learn this year?

That’s it for now!

<3 always, Irene


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