Pinto Art Museum 2014

Hey guys! Sorry I’ve lagged behind my should-be monthly posts because of a lot of factors that had happened over the past weeks. For tonight, sharing to you this short, simple but AWESOME art appreciation trip to Antipolo for my father’s 53rd birthday celebration last October. As you may know, I love going to museums, art galleries, gardens or any place where you can just appreciate art, beauty and nature (check out my Baguio blogposts).

So there I was, successfully urged my family to travel from South to North just to see the place. 

Before going to the museum, we attended the 10:00 AM mass of the Antipolo Cathedral and had lunch. We also bought freshly-cooked cashew nuts which you can buy at most of the stores within the area. One small paper bag (measured using a shot glass) of Plain Cashew Nuts costs around Php 100/pack, while Adobo Garlic Cashew Nuts costs Php 150/pack.

At 1:30 PM, we headed to the Pinto Art Museum. TIP: You may not notice the sign from the main road so better ask around so you won’t get lost.

We stayed in the museum for almost 5 hours, took a lot of pictures (yes, it is okay to take photos of all the artwork pieces!), sat and laid down on the benches and cushion chairs (you can even sleep!) and ate at Pinto Cafe by Bizu Patisserie. As much as I want to describe what I felt that day, I’ll just let the photos do the talking:

The museum is located at 1 Sierra Madre St. Grand Heights Subdivision. It is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM. They also accommodate inquiries for pre-nuptial photoshoots and other events.

Entrance is at Php 150/ person. Discounts are given to students at Php 75/ person and Senior Citizens/ PWD with valid ID at Php 120/ person. For more information and updates, click this link for their Facebook page.

This trip was really worth our Sunday.<3 What do you think?

That’s it for now.

<3 always, Irene


2 thoughts on “Pinto Art Museum 2014

  1. I’ve just crossed your path! :p Looking for info about the place especially photos, their FB page kinda lacks images… Thanks for the photos, now at least I know what to expect of the place…

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