First Climb: Mt. Gulugod – Baboy 2014

09/27 – 09/28: My first-ever mountain climb experience! It was a very timely out -of-town with a new bunch I’m happy to spend the weekends with. I knew them from my previous company though I haven’t had the opportunity to go with them on their regular trips. Their itinerary for September is at Mt. Gulugod- Baboy in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. Kenneth, one of the IT guys I had worked with my last project in that company, convinced me that this trip will be perfect for beginners who didn’t have any experience going up the mountains. To experts, Mt. Gulugod is a minor climb with difficulty level of 2/9. Boy, for me, it was the hardest and toughest activity I did! >.<

We hiked up the mountain around 2:30 PM, with a lot of rest every now and then (because of me, huhu, sorry guys!). They even helped me bring my things just so we can go up. Huhu, I promise that I’ll exercise before the trip the next time I’ll come with them (crossed fingers)! Here are some photos while going up, thanks to Cindy and Aldrin.  Same with my recent posts, didn’t have my own camera to take good pictures of the place (basically regret this part!) 

Shortly after 5PM, we arrived at Peak 1, perfect and just in time for the sunset! Again, photos are from Cindy and Aldrin:

At 6PM, we started to set camp at Peak 2. Edmund (the head chef, ehem), with the help of Cindy and JM, cooked our dinner. Thank you for the Boneless Bangus, Adobo and the ‘perfect’ Rice (HAHA!)! <3 Aldrin was our main entertainment with his trusty guitar and Lac singing in the background. We even had a ‘guest’ from another group who willingly played music for us (yey!!!). We finished off the day with a few drinks and booze.

The next day, we woke up as early as 5:30 AM to wait for the sunrise. SPECTACULAR – the perfect word to describe what we saw:

We went to Peak 3 before we descent the mountains. At 8:30 AM, we’re already eating halo-halo for breakfast. Shortly after 9AM, we are on our way to the beach!

We were supposed to go to Sumbrero Island, but the locals advised us to just stay in Oscar Island since it has a larger beach front. Oooh, the white beach:

Sore muscles, check. Bruised hands and arms, check. Darker skin, check. Despite all of this, I’ll do it all over again <3

Till the next adventure, Kenneth, Lac, Mikko, Butch, JM, Edmund, Aldrin and Cindy!

That’s all for now.

<3 always, Irene


24 thoughts on “First Climb: Mt. Gulugod – Baboy 2014

  1. hi dear.. private vehicle kayo nung nagpunta or commute lang? we’re planning kasi to go there on sunday, aug 30 pero we have van kasi eh. Thanks.

  2. Like Mam irene andaya we chase the best day of our life at Mt. Gulugod baboy… The scenery is surreal, 360 degrees purely God’s Creation! Link Above is our video going to Mt. Gulugod Baboy and Best Lomi in Batangas as of today… Enjoy watching and sana makapunta kayo ng Mt. Gulugod Baboy… :D

  3. hello po ms. irene.. ask ko lang , how much po kapag climb lang? good for 5person lang kmi.. mga nasa magkano kya budget ng climb dito? thanks in advance^_^

    1. Hi Raj, I think Php 500 each for food is enough if you will just buy at the surrounding stores (“carinderia”) before climbing or you’ll just bring your own. I’m not sure about the transportation though since we rented a van. :)

    1. Hi Jigs. That depends how many you’ll be. Minus the transpo (because we rented a van that day), I think Php 500/pax will be more than enough for food since there are small carinderias. If you’re a small group and you’ll go to the beach (Sumbrero Island, etc), better to bring at most Php 1500-1800/pax for boat /cottage rent. :)

  4. Hello po! Pwede po magcomment? HAHAHA! Congrats, Irene! Nasa first page ng Google results itong blog post mo. :) at salamat sa pagbigay ng link ng blog post ko sa mga nagcocomment. :D

    1. Hi Bong! I think the safest will be 1,200-1800 per person. We hired our own roundtrip van from Manila and only had to pay for the food and the entrance fee (I forgot how much but this was less than 100) for the climb.

      For the beach, we paid 2,700 for the boat rental (shared among us 9), 70 entrance fee/ person, 300 for the cottage.

      You may contact my friend who knows more about the trip. Here’s his blog: Thanks for reaching out :)

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