Taal Lake 2014

08/17/2014:  This trip was supposed to be a Hundred Island experience but turned out to be a Taal Lake day trip because of some ‘parent issues’ (I guess my friends will never graduate on this topic HAHA). Nevertheless, it was FUN to get a closer glimpse of the Taal, given that we’ve been seeing it since we were little whenever we go to Tagaytay. There were only four of us — Nikki (my bff), Mdee (the birthday girl), Rodwin (the bg’s bf) and me. If our friends were only here (they’re living around the world), I bet we’re a jam-packed group of 10!

For anyone who wishes to try this one, I suggest you contact this Facebook page. The package already consists of the boat ride to/from the lake and the horseback ride (but you can trek if you want). They also provided us local hats (because it is really hot!), a face mask (it can get dusty!), working gloves (to hold the horse’s rope) and a bottle of water. Oh, I advise you to get yourselves on sunblock!

It is best to go here early morning. We arrived at the Talisay shore at 8:30AM, arrived at the crater at around 9:30 AM and stayed for an hour. We left when the top was already crowded with locals and foreign tourists. Luckily, since we were a bit early, we managed to take a lot of photos!

Here are some snippets of the day, credits to Mdee and Rodwin. (I told you I don’t take much photos now)

When we returned to the shore, we even had free coconuts!

Free coconuts!
Free coconuts!

We then went back to Tagaytay for lunch at The Grill:

We are sooo hungry!
We are sooo hungry!

Mdee’s about to fly to Canada by the end of this year, another -1 in our HS group. It’s kinda sad that most of my friends had already been out of the country for good. Even my bff is scheduled 2 – 3 years from now. I guess reunions will not be anytime soon. :(

That’s it for now!

<3 lots, Irene


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