Baguio Eats [Part 1]

As promised in my previous post, here’s the list of restaurants/ cafe we tried in Baguio.  Are your tummies ready? This might get you hungry, you know! *wink*


Located at the infamous Session Road, we had our first food stop at the OMG! Artists Cafe. I’ve heard a couple of good reviews all over the internet that I can’t wait to see what’s the fad all about.

We got there during their off-peak hour at 3:30 PM. They paused serving food to replenish their inventory (oh-oh, we’re so tired and hungry from the loooong bus ride!) but luckily they still offered coffee and tea. Since there area around 4 -5  groups present, I took advantage of taking photos of the place first:

They were ready to serve food by 5:00 PM. All healthy options– vegetables as the main ingredient. Well,  I think that is kinda obvious with the name of the restaurant (the term gulay is Tagalog for vegetables).

Overall, the experience was great! I love the ethnic, indie vibe. I love the serenity and calmness (at least during the time we were there).  I love all the artworks — the wall art, the chairs, the tables, the memorabilia. The food was okay– I just love how the restaurant supports healthy vegan eating.

Oh My Gulay! is owned by the film director Eric de Guia (aka Kitlat Tahimik). It is part of the art community called Victor Oteyza Community Art Space (VOCAS).  You can check on other Manila food blogger’s post here: Our Awesome Planet | Certified Foodies

La Azotea Building, 108 Session Road,Baguio City, Philippines
11.00am – 9.00pm (Kitchen closes at 8.30pm) | Cash transactions only

Let me post other restaurants soon! That’s it for now.

<3 lots, Irene


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