Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

Our photographs tell stories, big and small. Some of our images are landscapes, offering wide and sweeping views of a scene; these pictures might tell the tales of an entire city, or a tapestry of stories of many people. Some photographs, like portraits, focus on individuals, while still-life moments capture the beauty (and often treasured stories) of belongings and found objects. – Cheri Lucas Rowlands, The Daily Post

This photo was taken during our family trip to Baguio last weekend. An accidental shot turned inspiration:  I was too busy looking for a perfectly-shaped flower but instead, this little butterfly caught my attention. I happened to touch it with my fingers and I’m surprised it remained still – unafraid, perfectly beautiful.

They said butterflies represent CHANGE – that amidst the hardships one’s going through, with patience one can survive – better, stronger, more beautiful. 

Change is inevitable. We often think that with our day-to-day routine nothing ever changes, but when we looked back as years and months passed, everything is quite different. And though it’s hard for me to admit, I know that with the start of this month, a big change is bound to happen: goodbyes must be said, tears may be shed, routines will come to an end.

Just like the butterfly, I have to believe that THIS is for the better. After all, it’s time to move forward, right?

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That’s it for now. <3 lots, Irene


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