So long, 2013! Hello, 2014!

2013 did not come easy. It was the year where my family faced great challenges; the year where I dared to step up and be in a country I knew no one; the year where I learned how important relationships are and how silly of me to take this for granted before.

That was the year I discovered myself more – to be true to my feelings, to be more honest with my words, to be more sincere with my actions and understand its consequences. Depression and negativity engulfed me more than ever, and I was forever thankful to have friends who helped me along the way, and a God who I can always turn up to. I doubted myself, cheated on my actions, even neglected reality just to do what I want. I accepted rejection and disappointment really hard and moving forward took me long. I know that my self-destruction, rebellious state wouldn’t get me anywhere – that short-term happiness wouldn’t lead me anywhere near my dreams.

Clean slate- People always hope for this every new year. I do, too. It is reassuring to think that we always have this one constant date we can wait to start anew. A beginning that whatever it is that haunts us in the past year, there will always that time we can live a new life. Though it is not a good habit to wait for January 1 to start fresh, there’s just that sense of hope that makes me believe that I can still change for the better with the new year at hand.

Still, I thank 2013 for all the lessons it brought, for all the new experiences and adventures, for all the celebrations and heartaches, for old and new friends I found along the way. And before I finally say goodbye, here are some of the memories I will forever treasure. Cheers! 2014 will be great!











To awesome new memories ahead. Bring it on, 2014!

That’s it for now. <3 lots, Irene


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