Where to Eat in Phnom Penh – Part 2

Part of travelling is really experiencing the food. As things have been very busy lately, more and more time was spent eating outside than staying in. Breakfast and dinner at home became event meetings somewhere; used-to-be-fruit snacks became cupcakes, ice creams and all thing sweet. It may be a very busy August, but it’s a huge leap closer of me going home! So, here are the snapshots of the food/ restaurants I ate during the past two weeks (If I don’t have any photo, probably I’ve been there before, but will mention them anyway):

Spring Vale – 27, Street 450, Toul Tom Pong I (near Russian Market) | T: 089 343 597

Chicken Inasal and Bbq Republique – St. 144 (near Central Market) | PS. Love this plus unlimited rice! If you’re a Filipino, I’m sure you can relate with me! <3

Perfect for Unlimited Rice!
Perfect for Unlimited Rice!

Ayotaya – 58, St. 302 | T: 099 222 408 – affordable (US$ 3 – US$ 4) Thai meals!

Yummy Pad Thai and Fish Cakes!
Yummy Pad Thai and Fish Cakes!

Russian Market (Food Area) – aside from the Fried Noodles (“Lottcha”) and Vegetable Pancake I’ve mentioned in my previous post, you should definitely try this too!

Noodle Soup in Russian Market
Noodle Soup in Russian Market

Street Fried Noodle I’ve been eyeing this street vendor staying outside our building for months! For only 3000 riels, your tummy will surely be happy! 

Fried Noodles!
Fried Noodles!

And now, here’s my fair share of sweets:

  1. Bloom Cafe – 40 St. 222 | T: 077 757 500 – yummy, well-decorated desserts!
  2. The Blue Pumpkin – 12 St. 57 | T: 023 963 574 – I like their sweets better than their meals. 
  3. Lucky Supermarket – 160 Sihanouk Blvd., BKK (the nearest branch to our place) – all around needs for food and grocery! Tried around 6 different cereals (though I don’t have photos) since I arrived here.

Aside from the above, I’ve been back to Digby’s and Bistro Lorenzo this week – the former for an early morning meeting with the agency (I finally tried their breakfast – love the White Mocha Coffee!) and the latter for an after-work pig-out dinner/ meeting with the agency (Heart-attack dishes for stress eating- chicharon, chicharong bulaklak, and sisig).  And by the way, did I mention that I’ve been to Chicken Inasal and BBQ Republique thrice (YES,with 2 cups of rice each!) in the past two weeks? HAHA! Let’s just say that there are restaurants that I don’t mind going back :)

Let’s see how many more I can try given my schedule (and the fact that I’m going home in two weeks! YAY!). That’s it for now.

<3 lots, Irene


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