Bargain Shopping in Phnom Penh – Part 2

Just when we thought we’ve been to all Second-hand/ Thrift Shops here in Phnom Penh, our trusty Tuktuk driver took us to three places more. Two of which are the Sakura Recycle Shops, while the third one is a Korean store which I forgot the name because it was closed (FYI, tomorrow is Elections day here in Phnom Penh and most people are going to their provinces to vote).

By the way, I renamed my post to “bargain” shopping as “vintage” seem inappropriate to what I bought.

Aside from clothes, I can’t help but buy these Monster’s Inc Michael Wazowski Mug (original from Tokyo Disneyland!) and Snoopy Teacup as they are among my well-loved characters when I was a kid:

Snoopy Tea Cup for $ 0.50 and Monster's Inc. Mug for $1.70
Snoopy Tea Cup for $ 0.50 and Monster’s Inc. Mug for $1.70

The stores can be found at these addresses:

Sakura Recycle Shop
No. 7, 448 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
T: (097) 458 6536

Sakura Recycle Shop
No. 95, Yothapaol Khemarak Phoumin (St. 271), Phnom Penh, Cambodia
T: (023) 644 4531

Both Sakura Shops have various clothes, bags, hats, glasses, toys, belts and accessories, though most clothes are for cold weather. As much as I want to buy trenchcoats, leather jackets and sweaters, it is not really practical for me as I live in a tropical country. Not to mention that I might have to pay for excess baggage because of all these (HAHA!).

Do try visiting all of these shops, as well as those found in my previous post. Again, don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and bring in alcohol as clothes are really dusty (though I always forget this! ugh)! Happy bargain shopping!

That’s it for now.


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