Bargain Shopping in Phnom Penh

Who would have thought Phnom Penh is a place for good vintage finds?  After spending two Saturdays digging up piles and racks of clothes, see what I’ve got:

ToTo Recycle Shop Japan (Japanese Thrift Shop)
Street 47 (Rue de France), House #21B, Phnom Penh

The cheapest thrift shop in Phnom Penh! There are even bags, shoes, scarves, stuff toys, suits, jeans, glasses and all things you can imagine! However, be sure to bring in alcohol as their items are really dusty.

Color Vintage
168 Street 13, Phnom Penh
T: (092) 738678

This shop is just across the well-known Friends Restaurant, a training restaurant for the former street youth. The shop is air-conditioned with fitting rooms (maybe why clothes are more expensive than normal thrift shops). Aside from clothes, they have bags, shoes, hats and accessories too. They even have free alterations!

Lost ‘n’ Found Vintage
321 Street 63
T: (023) 640 5047

The nearest shop from our street (St 322 St 57 BKK1). The shop has fitting rooms though it’s not air-conditioned. Products are normally from HongKong, Taiwan and Europe. Aside from clothes, you can also find shoes, hats, bags, belts and accessories here.

Phnom Boutique
14A Street 294, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh

Thrift items are from the line of Blue Velvet Vintage Clothing. Same with other boutique shops, they have fitting rooms and other items like accessories, shoes, bags, belts and hats. More so, they also have new items (yes, not second-hand!) as the shop also hosts products from Phnom Eco friendly clothing for children and Wild at Heart Women’s Collection.

Sothearos Street 294, Tonle Bassac, Phnom Penh
T: 012 812 476

Really not a thrift store (hence the price for the skirt) but their furniture and shop setup really make up for that vintage feel! Owners Doug and Marianne are friendly too!

Apart from the above shops, travel blogs mention that you can also find cheap second-hand clothes in Russian Market (Tuol Tom Pong Market) and in Boeung Keng Kang Market. However, you will really need to have a lot of patience in digging in through piles and piles of clothes, not to mention that the place is crowded and hot.

So the next time you ‘re planning to go to Phnom Penh, be sure you’ll not miss out on these cool finds!

That’s it for now. <3 lots, Irene


10 thoughts on “Bargain Shopping in Phnom Penh

  1. Awesome… I love shopping in outlets / second hand shops and I love what you have caught ;) Specially the flower skirt :D If you want to check out my catches from similar shops, just go under the Catch of the month – category. I would love to hear what you think. :D

    1. Hi! I do love the flower skirt too, even my friends envy me for finding that one. ;) Have you been to Cambodia?

      I’m definitely checking on your blog! Thank you for dropping by to mine. :D

      1. Thank you ^^… No, as a matter of fact I haven’t traveled further than my neighbour countries :( But I plan to travel A LOT :) You are from Cambodia or you live there?

      2. Oh…. I really want to see a lot of places, but I have to admit that Cambodia wasn’t one on my top list, but now I am intrigued :) To be honest, most of Asia frightness me to go because it seems (and it is) soooooo far away… How is in Cambodia and Philippines? Have you ever been in Europe?

      3. Haven’t been anywhere else than Asia. Europe’s my dream place to travel. Cambodia and Philippines are almost alike in terms of the weather – rainy or sunny, but they do have different cultures. I suggest if you love the beach or nature, go to the Philippines. Boracay and Palawan are the top 2 destinations here. :) If you love seeing temples, I suggest Cambodia’s Angkor Wat.

        Do you live in Europe? In which country to be exact?

      4. Guess both of us will have to step waaay out of our comfort zone to travel where we want to :) I love both…so it’s Cambodia first then my favorite – beach and nature in Philippines. :D Yes, I live in Croatia, you can check the headliner on my blog to see and Google to search because it is a small country. :D

      5. Wow! Cool! Yes I know Croatia, I knew about it because of my work. We have been researching about your country as my company potentially wants to expand our business there. :)) I do hope I’ll be able to visit your country someday!

      6. Oh that is nice to hear. :D Maybe we’ll work together one day, who knows? :) Whatever you need to know about Croatia you can ask an insider ;)

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