Food for Thought : Get a Life

“Because a life constantly filled with “busy” isn’t really being lived.” – Matt Cheuvront

This was a quote that struck me from Matt Cheuvront’s “Get Busy Living” post in his blog

A month in Phnom Penh had been mostly a rough 5 -hour sleep every day to finish presentations and reports. With a workload that should be for 2 – 3 people, I normally don’t have the luxury of time to socialize myself.  I seldom respond to people on Skype or Facebook messages nowadays, and if I ever get the chance, it’s mostly “hello-s”, “good morning-s”, “how are you’s” with no more follow ups. Most of my conversation with my family are the usual “how-are-you-i-miss-you-and-goodnight” just because I’m cramming to finish something for the next day. “Being busy” really is eating up my life and certainly, this is not a good sign. It’s sad enough that I’m far away from home with only acquaintances around, but sadder that even with all the possible communication channels, I cannot even open up myself to give time for them. But how do you get out of the crazy busy life when everyone is relying on you?

I was struck with my depression last week and while I’m trying to do a quick remedy by looking for self – help posts to motivate me even just a bit, I came across Matt’s blog and I was hooked. I even messaged all my favorite lines to my friends, particularly this post.

It’s true. I can’t help but be busy. If I’m not, I feel like there’s something wrong, that I should be doing something— anything. But after a while, I came to a point where I cannot pinpoint a single day in my (working) life that I’m not in front of the laptop or not discussing work even in a normal conversation with a friend. Frustrating, isn’t it? No matter how I try to digress the topic to more interesting stuff, it will all come back to one main thing – WORK.

So tonight, instead of crunching numbers, I’m taking the time off. I Skype dated my two long distance best friends – Anna and Darika – one assigned to Timor Leste, and one working in our Manila Office, whom I haven’t talked for so long. I downloaded an app called The Voice that lets me sing my heart out to reach the notes (yes, I am a frustrated singer like that! haha). And now, I am blogging because I found out that our new wi-fi connection already allows both WordPress and Twitter.

Life is pretty short to consume yourself with work. Yes, work is necessary so you can have the money to spend for your bills, but it should never become the priority. Focus on strengthening relationships. I’m NOT saying that you should stop working now, or even not finish deadlines just because you have a party to attend to. It’s okay to be busy, but once in a while, you should let yourself breathe. To accept that work will never end. And that it is OKAY to take the time off. After all, we’re humans, not robots.

So tonight, I’m making my life a life. Hope you’ll start doing it too. :)

That’s it for now. <3 lots, Irene

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