Who will I miss?

I never know what will happen for the next few weeks. There are a lot of uncertainties going on that I don’t know if I’ll ever have the chance to give proper “goodbyes” to people I will surely miss. Yes, this post may sound over-dramatic but let’s just say that I have never been out of my comfort zone before. I already got the approval from my boss to book my flight and even got my reassignment contract. As far as I know there’s no turning back.

Thus, as an ode to the people who I love dearly, here’s a short write up of the things I will miss most about them:


She’s my forever buddy of non – sense things. We look a hell lot like we’re of the same age, but hey, who would think I’m 7 years ahead of her? (Yeah you can blame my height for that. HAHA). This kiddo is my #1 fan to the point that it’s irritating and flattening at the same time. I will surely miss how she will bug me and tell me she wants to sleep in my room.  How she will always ask for pasalubong when I’m on my out of the house. How she always finds my everyday interesting, while I myself finds it boring and very routine(ary). She always ask me for my opinion on all things – what she will wear, what will her answer be, what she should do given a circumstance. She is my default partner and I am so glad that I have someone to cling on to when I’m having my own set of tantrums. She’s my little and only sister, how I will miss her bugging me everyday.

Pseudo - twin!
Pseudo – twin!


I know I’m not the sweetest nor the most thoughtful daughter (because those titles are for my sister! HAHA). I am always the quiet one, the no – emotion / poker- faced daughter and the one who will always say “yes” and “okay” to everything they will ask me to do. But despite my emotionless reactions, my parents never fail to cheer up on every story they will tell me. They are the ones who always listen to me and support my every decision, and will always see to it that they have guided me along the way. My mother – how I will miss our daily routine of her asking me what I want for my baon, and how she will always drive me to the bus station so it won’t be a hassle for me to commute. My father – how I will miss his “musta ka na ate?” every time he opens the gate for me when I come home, or that “wala ka ng ibang ginawa kundi magcomputer ah, kaya ka walang boyfriend e” tease. Both my parents are sweet in that cute, awkwardly way. They are the reason why I am here chasing after my dream, because I know it’s their dream to see me happy going after them. I will surely be homesick without them.

One of the few photos I have with only the 3 of us! HAHA
One of the few photos I have with only the 3 of us! HAHA


She used to be my forever office partner until she’s been assigned overseas for a project. She is my morning coffee buddy, lunch buddy, toothbrush buddy, drink-till-your-dead buddy, “hayahay” (Visayan term for convenience/ comfort) buddy, and let’s-go-home-have-a-life buddy. Actually she’s my buddy in a whole lot of things that there are times that we’re getting sick of each other. She always give me advice on things – may it be work, career, love or life. Funny how our friendship started and how overtime I started calling her mother until she herself treated me like her daughter. Our friendship grew a whole lot more when I started knowing her family and treated me as their pseudo- family member, and how in return, my parents treated her as their own child too. I will miss their dogs and how I can baby talk with them. Life has been pretty different without her in the office anymore.

Taken during the motocross event of her brother. Yeah, I'm their pseudo- sister remember?
Taken during the motocross event of her brother. Yeah, I’m their pseudo- sister, remember?


Before work even started, our paths used to cross a lot, from one company orientation to the next. I’ve known her for being the “go – getter” even before I truly knew her. She’s a real sweetheart when you became her friend but can be your worst enemy when you wronged her. This person is almost the complete opposite of me. She handles herself very well no matter who is she talking to, while I always find myself awkward. She dresses herself well, while I find it hard to look for a perfect fit. She loves cats, I love dogs. She is a hipster – not into photos, social networking, mainstream music- and I’m the complete opposite. She is my older sister, and together with Mother Daxie, we made our own little family in the office. Like my OFW Mother Dax, she is assigned overseas for a project too. And for a week that she came back, I am happy that we re-connected. She inspired me as I’ve seen how she grew from the experience, and just like a kid looking up to her older sister,  I know I want to “grow up” like she did.

This smile with no teeth started from her. HAHA
This smile with no teeth started from her. HAHA


My best friend of 8 years since 2nd year highschool. She’s my forever iMessage buddy, that every time my phone rings, I’m 90% sure that it’s her. We always make it to a point that we message each other when one  (1) is bored and wants to go out (2) found something interesting and wants to try it (3) watched a good show and recommends it (4) researched a good place and wants to go there. When we’re still younger, I always make it to a point that I stay at their house to hang out since they’re near my grandparents’ house. We talk, we watch, we dress up. She’s now my all -time Sunday partner as that’s the only day we’re both free of work. She is the person I know I can knock in the middle of the night and I’ll expect that she’ll be there to open the door for me. I will definitely miss her and our random let’s-go-out-I’m-damn-bored moments!

One of those random overnights when we love to prepare our own food!
One of those random overnights when we love to prepare our own food!


This girl have been MIA for so long since she’s been living in the southern part of the country to support her ate for elections. Despite that, we never fail to update each other now that I have unlimited Smart-to-Smart call (Thank you, PW! HAHA).  This girl is my great adviser when it comes to love. The one who always gets mad at me whenever I make wrong and stupid decisions (which is most of the time), but still understands me nonetheless. This is the girl who always make it to a point that she’ll be there when I need her most (though not physically, haha). She’s the person I can go get crazy and nuts with, especially with my gooey-overly-dramatic-stupid-love-life. I will miss how we can laugh all day reminiscing non – sense things, high school stupidities, and failed relationships. How we always tell ourselves how funny it is to have given so much effort to someone/ something and in the end, it will just turn out to be nothing but a big joke. I will definitely miss having heart – to -heart talks with her.

One of our last photos taken before she left!
One of our last photos taken before she left!


The award of longest best friend goes to this girl, being my best friend for more than 15 years now since Grade 1. I never thought our friendship will survive, given the fact that we’ve been separated long enough when she transferred school in HS. She’s the girl who made me cry when she messaged me in Friendster (yeah, it seems ages ago!) how she is disappointed that we seem not to care about each other anymore. After that, we make it to a point that we see each other regularly. I will definitely miss our random “saan tayo kakain?” and she would always tag me somewhere she have not eaten before. How she would support me with my geeky spontaneity when I want to go, for example, in a National Museum just because it’s the National Museum Month. HAHA! I will definitely miss how we laugh over our complicated lives, and how naughty (or nice!) we can be when we want to. There’s a lot I’ve been dying to know from her given that we haven’t seen each other for 6 months. Ahhh, I really need to see her before I go!

Longest- friend- ever award goes to her!
Longest- friend- ever award goes to her!


The only guy I ever posted here. No we’re not sweethearts, not even close to that, but this guy is someone I’ve been trusting all my life secrets for more than a year now.  This person accepted me and thought of my past as very amusing which I found hard to believe at first. I call him “Dodong”, he calls me “Inday” – a tandem we used to get people out of our feet (yeah, stop the issue!). He is the person who always makes me smile every time his message “good morning Inday!” will pop out because I know he will always do it. At night, he is my ultimate Skype buddy, chatting till the wee hours of the dawn. I will definitely miss our “tara ice cream tayo mamaya!” , in which “ice cream” is now the term for any food we want to eat when we are hungry like hotdog, fries, siomai, etc. He is the person who will always greet me with a hug when we see each other, which I found annoying at first but got used to it over time. He is the only guy I can keep on ranting to about things, and will always listen to me, no matter how long and repetitive I’ll be for most of the time. I will definitely miss the random night outs just because he knows he can drive me home. As annoying as he can be when he teases me along with our other friends, I will definitely miss hanging out with him and their department.

The only decent photo we have!
The only decent photo we have!

These are just few of the people I will definitely miss. If I have more time, my list would go on for hours (and I know you’ll get bored!). Let’s just say that these people above are the ones who help me get through each day. We might not talk or see each other often, but these are the people who, with just a call/ text/ IM away, I know I can count on. Thank God for technology, I know I can still talk to these guys over the internet.

So enough with being over – dramatic, it’s not as if I’m staying there forever. We never know what will happen, even how long will I stay (though they say it is not more than 3 months! HAHA). I just hope and pray that my project will be a success.

That’s it for now. <3 lots, Irene


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