Hello, February!

Hello, February! I never felt more relieved to say goodbye to January. The last few weeks of the past month had been dead tiring. I’ve never been so down for the longest time, never been so frustrated at myself and to what’s happening around. It was 2-weeks of almost no sleep, of self-doubt, of endless worries, of hatred, and of mind-boggling questions. It seems that all aspects of my life were going down. But true to how the saying goes that “Every cloud has a silver lining”, there’s always something good after every bad situation. No matter how impossible or difficult the circumstances are, always look ahead and there will be that small hint of hope.

Optimism – it’s something I tried my hardest to live by everyday. Sad to say that over the past weeks it was overshadowed by negativity and insecurity, that even my closest of friends can testify to that. I am thankful enough to have a few I can trust and pour my heart out, no matter how irritating and repeating I can become with my stories and rants. I won’t deny that even when I was a little kid, I am the type of person who looks at the negative side before the positive. It’s something that I’m still carrying on until now that I’ve grown and it’s something I really, really would like to change.

Thus with a new month ahead, I am vouching for optimism again. To always laugh amidst the difficulty, to always smile amidst the pain and to always, always see the hope amidst the downfall.

It may be 4 days (almost the 5th) since the start of February and I can say that I am kicking off this month better than the last month. From the 4 days, I’ve learned to appreciate myself better and to treasure every waking minute of my living life. With the few days : (1) our family became complete again with my father coming home earlier than the usual, (2) I’ve got time to talk to a close friend who’ve been living far from home now (3) I’ve accomplished my Saturday jogging plan (6) I’ve catched up with my favorite TV series (4) I’ve tried wakeboarding for the first time with my closest friends, (5) I remained calmed at work amidst countless meetings and to-dos  (6) I’ve bought the next book to read on my list – John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars and last but certainly not the least, (7) I had the time to write on this blog.

Let’s cheer for the so-called love month. Love not only for the significant other, but also love for thyself and everything good or bad happening around. :)


What do you think?

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