Becoming a Foodie.

Three weeks since the New Year, I still haven’t recovered from the fats I’ve accumulated over the holiday season. Worst, these past three weekends were spent with more time eating than any other. Meeting with friends and family members always requires eating. More than usual, it is the only activity done aside from catching up. Ever since college, I’ve been always in awe of the various restaurants and cafes present in the Metro. Being stuck in our own little city with few dish choices offered, one of my greatest wish is to be able to taste as much variants of food as possible. May it be street food, local or international cuisine, I have such a big appetite for everything! Over the three weekends that passed, I had a taste of mixed Thailand, Italian, American and Japanese Cuisines, and boy, I just love them! The combination of spices are so different and unique that you just can’t help but want more.

Thailand Cuisine: Black Canyon Coffee, SM Southmall

Last January 12, I get to have some lone time with my cousin bestfriend, Jhoy, who’s just visiting the Philippines for the holidays. This was her last Saturday before she leaves for Australia again. Craving for Thai, I told her that we should dine in at Black Canyon Coffee, a Thai – specialized restaurant/ cafe in SM Southmall. Decided to try something different for the new year, I stopped myself from ordering my default dish, Pad Thai, and tried the Stir Fried Noodles with Prawn and Prawn Paste instead. Jhoy, who didn’t eat breakfast that day, tried a heavier meal called Stir-Fried Curry Prawn, Chicken, Mushrooms and Chili with Rice. Apart from our full meals, we also ordered Spicy Crab Stick Salad for appetizer and get ourselves two Thai Iced Tea with Milk. The mix of spices is really interesting and I super love their Thai Iced Tea, which I think is their version of the usual Pearl Milk Tea.

Craving for Thai!
Craving for Thai!

It’s been a while since we had the chance to talk about anything – work, family, love and life. It’s really nice how you can still be the same person with someone you haven’t seen for years. :)

Italian Cuisine: Galileo Enoteca, Mandaluyong

Our Thank-God-It’s-(Finally)-Friday dinner, Darika and Anna, my two closest friends at work, had this adventure finding this sweet little restaurant over Mandaluyong last January 11 . It’s raining hard, the air’s cold, but there’s no stopping from finding this resto. Wet and hungry with no expectations in mind, I’m surprised by how beautiful the place is. With few people (mostly foreigners) dining, the place can be one of those places you can bring your special someone to. The wall of the place is either covered with wine bottles or with  brick walls, reminding you of that old European vibe. Tired from the usual pasta and pizza we usually order in Italian restaurants, we got ourselves Panini, Rissoto, Dark Ice Cream and Cold Cuts. We also had a bottle of Red Wine, which I enjoyed though I’m not usually a fan of this drink.

Salumi Misti. Italiano Panini. Risotto Con Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Oil. Tartufo.
Salumi Misti. Italiano Panini. Risotto Con Porcini Mushroom & Truffle Oil. Tartufo.

The food, the service, the place and the company, perfect combination to finally end that exhausting week!

Good stories with good friends over Italian food and wine.
Good stories with good friends over Italian food and wine. <3

Japanese Cuisine: Teriyaki Boy, Glorietta 3

It’s our OBEM batch “tradition” to have our monthly birthday celebrations over dinner. Since it’s January, this month is for the two smarty pants of the group: Gianna and Eucel. We ate lot of Japanese rolls and chicken teriyaki, tried this funny app called “Grindr”, took a few pictures and videos, talked about work, Les Miserables and other recent trends, had dozens of laugh; being with these people just reminds me of those good old college days which I definitely miss. <3

Good times <3
Good times <3

American Cuisine: National Sports Grill, Greenbelt 3

Becoming more and more stressful with the office work, I haven’t got much time to spend with my closest guy bestfriend. Our talks now are usually over YM and Skype only(to think that we work in the same company!). Nevertheless, it’s nice to know that we still get the hang of spilling each other’s stories whenever possible, which is usually late at night (hello eyebags! O.O). It’s late Friday night and most people already have their plans but surprisingly both of us don’t. What better way to catch up but to have our usual dinner “dates”. With few restaurants opened and a guy who’s too picky when it comes to food (BAHAHA!), we chose to eat at the National Sports Grill, an American sports-inspired restaurant. Though this is not my first time, I forgot how big the servings are. We got ourselves Chicken Parmesan Pasta, Fish and Mushroom and Buffalo Chichen Tenders. Talk about Carbs and Protein times 100! With too many food and little tummies (EHEM!), we ended up bringing the food home. All in all, this is another good Friday spent laughing hard (which I really need!) with one of the closest friends I’ve got to date.

Food for four, eaten by two. O.o
Food for four, eaten by two. O.o

Japanese Cuisine: Wafu, Greenhills

One of the best Japanese restaurants I’ve tasted. This little dinner celebration is a surprise for Anna, who’s leaving in a week for Indonesia to work. Since she’s into Japanese, Darika and I wanted to take her somewhere she haven’t eaten yet. Thank God for the internet and we found this modern-Japanese styled restaurant with good reviews. Along with few of our closest friends in the office, Hana, Nysh and Kevin, we took our chances in eating in this restaurant. We reserved the so-called Lotus Seat, which at first I thought was an egg (HAHA!). Overwhelmed with the menu (and maybe the price! HAHA), we decided to order food that are good for sharing. Our first order consists of Shrimp Tempura, Spicy Tuna Roll, Grilled Chicken Ramen, Mount Fuji Roll and Whole Wagyuskirt. Boy, everything’s so freaking delicious and we just want moooooreee! So, we helped ourselves with our second order: another Spicy Tuna Roll (it’s a consensus to have this again), Miso Ramen (just because we want to taste another Ramen), and Mifune.

Shrimp Tempura. Grilled Chicken Ramen. Miso Ramen. Spicy Tuna Roll.
Shrimp Tempura. Grilled Chicken Ramen. Miso Ramen. Spicy Tuna Roll.
Mount Fuji Roll. Whole Wagyuskirt. Mifune.
Mount Fuji Roll. Whole Wagyuskirt. Mifune.

It’s kinda difficult hearing ourselves over the Lotus Seat (maybe because of the wide table) but it’s the perfect place in the area if you have secrets to share, which we did! HAHA! Good food and good stories. Perfect way to end our Saturday night. :)

I'm beginning to love Japanese. <3
I’m beginning to love Japanese. <3

With the stressful work weeks that had passed, dinner dates are my sort of breather. Though my parents are getting angry with me going home past midnight, I just can’t help it as these are the only times I can be away from my laptop (of course except when I’m sleeping, commuting or in the bathroom) HAHA! Why do I even bother to say that?! O.o

Anyway, with lots of great restaurants out there, I’m excited for what’s in-store in the coming weeks. <3


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