From Special to Ordinary.

“This time last year, everything was so different.”

I came across this quote while browsing through my Tumblr dashboard, dwell on it for a moment, checked on the date (oh it’s January 9!) and there it is the big answer, “YES, IT IS.”

JANUARY 9. This date had been one of the happiest and mushiest day(s) of my life for the past 5 years. The time where I’m almost thrilled by the thought of surviving another year and wishing for more happy and <3 years ahead.

But then came the halt, the unspoken words, the unexpected goodbyes. The feeling drained out of me for no apparent reason. Or maybe because trying to work it out seems to have no point anymore.

Travels. Surprises. Firsts. Hugs. Kisses. Every memory left its mark. Every memory left me longing – maybe not for the same person, but for that feeling. The feeling of loving and being loved in return, of being owned and not having any divided attention, of being giddy every single day, of being happy waking up and finding someone to turn to first thing in the morning.

January 9. Used to be a special day. Turned to an ordinary work day in just a year.

See how a lot of things can happen in a year?


What do you think?

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