Hello, 1st doodle!

BOOYAH! I survived the first working day of the year! Yes, as unfortunate it may sound, this was the first day of work to most corporate employees. You just don’t know how envious I am of my sister when I saw her sleeping comfortably while I’m trying hard to keep myself awake this morning. (BOO!)

Anyway, the day had been pretty good. Met with good old office friends I missed. Endless stories had been told from the long vacation. Tasks were finished on time. Went home early. Had the time to eat dinner with my mother.

With plenty of time to lull myself to sleep (since I usually sleep past midnight), I get the chance to open up my last year’s planner and update the last few dates of December from the events that happened. After which, giddy as a kid, I get the chance to open my brand new, super duper cute, Aztec-owl planner!!! I’ve been pretty addicted to Aztec-inspired designs lately, that I’ve got it on my clothes, on my bag, on my wall decoration, and now on my planner. Thank you Clone Stamp for not failing us with your designs each year! *clap clap clap* Yes, I’ve been buying from them since last year with their Instagram/ Polaroid-inspired 2012 planner, which as you might guess, I’ve been a huge fan of the design too, being a Polaroid-owner and a sucker for photos that I am. ;)

Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! :)
Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013! :)

And since I love to doodle when I’m bored. Cheers to my first doodle:

1st doodle post! :)
1st doodle post! :)

Let’s just see until when I can keep this up. Last year, I doodled only until June – July, after which all my writings are in plain, boring texts. Oh well, let’s be positive! That’s it for now.

Much love, Irene <3


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